Before knowing about the bitcoin price, first of all, it is important to know what bitcoin is and how it works. Bitcoin was launched in 2009. Bitcoin is a digital currency, it is just like a digital wallet. Bitcoin is often called cryptocurrency and very popular these days. It is a virtual currency. People can give bitcoins to other persons also. It is decentralized digital money that one can buy, sell and exchange directly without any intermediate. It is like a Blockchain.


The next question that comes to one’s mind is how bitcoin works? Bitcoin is just like online money. People can use this bitcoin money to buy products and services but some of the companies banned it but still because today its demand is increasing so companies started accepting this. When people exchange bitcoin with each other it is recorded in a list called a blockchain.

Today people want bitcoin. There is a big reason behind this. First of all, it is not controlled by the government or any bank. People can use bitcoin with their own will. It is recorded but nobody can know which account is yours. It is safe.

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Bitcoin value is not stable; it keeps changes according to the value low or high. Sometimes its price is too high and sometimes the cost is low so it keeps changing. .It is free of cost. Bitcoin software is very easy to use.

Bitcoin price is always fluctuating; it keeps changing according to the demand and supply. Bitcoin is legal in India. Bitcoin was invented in 2008.

Bitcoin is abbreviated as BTC. Bitcoin is not a physical currency it is kept in a public ledger and is very transparent. Bitcoin can be hacked itself. If one wants to Invest or trade bitcoin they require an exchange for this. If one wants to buy bitcoin then they have an exchange account and proper documents are required to open the account. A good and secure connection is required. One has to be his own personal wallet.

There is one major issue which investors face in bitcoin is that privacy and security must be kept. In the bitcoin system which we have earlier explained that anyone can see the balance of the public account so it is very important to keep privacy. In this system, transactions are recorded in a blockchain which is very transparent. Bitcoin is not regulated by any government. It depends on the demand.

Its price totally depends on the demand and supply. Just for example stocks are related to the company and buying bitcoin gives you ownership of the cryptocurrency.

So it is concluded that Bitcoin at is a virtual currency and very much in demand at the present time.

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