Is Tequila Price In Singapore High?

Is Tequila Price In Singapore High?


When the sugar primarily originates from blue agave, it is simulated or fermented to form a distilled drink or beverage. The distilled drink is referred to as tequila. It is a type of spirit that comes under the category of strong or hard alcohol. Tequila is a kind of diuretic syrup that causes one to urinate more when consumed and can also make one feel the throat being dried, thus leading to thirst. The tequila price in singapore can be as higher as S$1800, thus ensuring the best quality is delivered online and offline.

Why is the price of tequila on the higher side?

Well, the majority of drinkers seem to love the taste of tequila, and most people must be aware of how the prices of tequila keep hiking. Well, the below stated reasons will explain why tequila price in singapore keeps hiking.

  • The major ingredient, which is blue agave, is expensive.
  • Since the pandemic happened, the manufacturing price also increased, as said by manufacturers.
  • The cardboard price rate also doubled.
  • Glass bottles supply was also got affected by the pandemic.
  • There is a lack of distillery workers.
  • Copper is being used to make the artisanal pot stills, and unsurprisingly, copper prices also hiked by twenty or 20%.

Well, tequila is being qualified as best, then it should be totally or, as mathematically said, 100% made from blue agave. The popularity gave a boost to the hike in tequila prices in singapore and many countries. It is unknown that the longer an alcoholic product ages, the better it tastes, thus the increased price.

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