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Choose your carpet adhesive wisely

Choose your carpet adhesive wisely

Whenever you try to look for a good carpet adhesiveit is better to get more information about it rather than just scoring them because after all they all work and give you the required result but they might have a visual and tangible effect on the actual tufting themselves.

The adhesive is anyways a secondary step in the process and is more dependent on the way that each artist works and it is not like someone’s particular process is better than anyone else’s.

Availability of carpet adhesive

As far as availability of carpet adhesiveis concerned, Robert 3095 and Elmers’s can both be found in stores fairly easily. They can be found in your local hardware store or construction supply store or you can even go a step further and look for it in your local grocery store or craft stores. Some of the glues like Bond AAT 1132 can only be available online and since this heavy item, the shipping on it costs more than its original price.


None of them are particularly difficult to use in any way, shape, or form as you just need to change your approach. For Bond and Robert, it is recommended to use a spatula or even your gloved hands to spread it on there whereas with the Elmers, because it is so much more slippery and portable you should prefer to use a paintbrush.

Maximum time to dry up

When we talk about the time carpet adhesive takes to dry up well, it varies from product to product. Glue like Elmer has 35 minutes of dry time but with tufting, you have to apply so much more than the thin layer required. On the other hand, bond has a listed time of more than 2 hours.

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